Wednesday, March 08, 2006

public enemy lyrics goes *here*

Hi world. I have nothing to say.

I am wearing gray pants today.

About an hour ago, I talked on the phone to an old HS classmate who still reminds me of Reese Withersplah in the movie "Election," to this very day.

I am getting my haircut soon, in an ongoing effort to channel Domino Harvey/Watts/Tenille/Sienna "Leggins" Miller/ '77-era Tina Weymouth. I am kind of like Samson, so soon, my blog-powers? Poof, gone.

My car exploded on Constitution Aves at 6:15 PM last night. If you saw billowing white smoke, well: you should have waved. I now own a brand-new radiator.


catherine said...

are you going to mr. john at studio 2000?

The Governess said...

yes, because i can't fathom waiting for a billion years to go somewhere else. ( MAY ) i will sit through one last 25-minutes-lateness/stories of his DJ gigs. hopefull i will not look like a soccer mom come 3:00.

The Duchess said...

Waited an hour the last time I went! So bad that I wanted to boycott him. But when it comes down to it, its easy to get an apt. and they are always pretty good cuts. Damn him!

I hope that you actually do something like we were talking about before...don't chicken G! It'll always grows back.

catherine said...

are you going super short? how awesome. i never have any hair courage; i get practically the same cut every time. i do think i'll make a return trip to john over spring break, though.

The Governess said...

i am going v for vendetta, but only if john ACTUALLY SHOWS.