Monday, March 06, 2006

showing yr face all over town

Here be what I've been reading this morning, while waiting on a giant influx of work-related email to come storm my inbox. Why is it you are always not busy right as you know you should be getting busy? I will be complaining of being swamped by sometime Wednesday, I guar-un-tee. Workers of the world, unite and explain.

1. this.

2. this and this and this.

No reason for number 1. Number 2 isn't explained any more easily; actually, it's v. totes complicated. Someone last night exclaimed we look alike (which is maybe their nice way of saying I look like a dude? Maybe.) I had a mouth full of eclair, so I was quiet for a half-second, and then rambled into a series of explanations as to why we're not really BLOOD, so if we do than it's coincidental, and then having to think about it and backtrack some more and realize that well - hells, knowing a certain town, we probs ARE bloodkins and whatnot. And how my gpa should have left his gma years before it came to all this. Probably. Anyways. Good job beating Duke, babyface.

Between this and the N's Midwest dirt-track bloodlines, my offspring are bound to have some sort of shoe deal. Them brats can spring for LEISURE WORLD, even.*

(secret: i really kind of want to live at Leisure World someday.)

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