Friday, March 24, 2006


ham situation mostly resolved.

okay, so i had to learn from DC radio (terrible) that Taffy Danoff, wrote songs with/for MONOPOLI? and not only did I have to learn this from DC radio, but from what I assume was a rerun. Christola, people. remember when michael and maeby did the duet of "afternoon delight?" awww.

i am watching basketball tonight at a bar while my spouse plays poker. if you are interested in joining, say so. right now it appears that this is a ladies function, so if you are a female and have a significant other who is playing cards tonight, too, or whatever dudes do on friday nights, please join. or if you're a guy. whatever, i'm no sexist. uconn plays at 10, and you can get pitchers of Harp at Ramparts.

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