Monday, March 06, 2006

Corrosion: of conformity, of my kitchen floor

Hello bloggernets.

1. The Great Kitchen Re-Kinda-Modeling Project has hit Skid #1, with a rotten subfloor. After a few puzzled looks as to what the landlord’s number was, we realized time #1,456 in the past several years we have no bleepity landlord.

This is where an image will go sometime soon. It is a picture of a gaping hole in front of my sink, stuffed with old tile and then laid over with a carpet sample so we don't step on nails and need tetanus shots. I hate the current vinyl tile, in all it's fake-maple-parquet glory, but I love something about it, too. It’s 70s-housewife-easy-maintenance-awesomeness, the kind of kitchen floor you saw in Mop-n-Glo ads around the time of your 5th birthday, where the mom wore polyester slacks as she happily cleaned. The tiles are gapping now because the floor underneath it is ROTTING. I may have mentioned that. The gaps get coffee grounds embedded in them, and dirt that falls from dog paws. Grody. Anyways, we need a new floor. We are doing kitchen renovations bottom-up.

2. I still am unclear as to why you don't own the last HIOQI issue yet- I have had it for many weeks, and I know I have read it cover to cover, but each time I pick it up, I find something new. Xmas year rounds. For example, last night I learned that at Tejas Chaos at Emos/Austin; some random band member was wearing a teeshirt that read "D-LIST WIGGER."

3. There are very few people in the universe that look good in that shade of chiffon sunshine, Ms. Michelle Williams Ledger Whatever. Well played.

4. I was cold Friday night, and so I wore seven layers of clothes that all got stinky in mere seconds (Galaxy, you are the stinkiest.) We went to meet Fun Group #1, who split cheese fries with us, and as a bonus ran into Fun Group #2 - massively entertaining people we haven't seen in a long time. Conversations revolved around evolutionary mathematics ("he can prove god doesn't exist. no, really. he's got a THEROM") and certain people's doobie-and-bass-laced Canadian college past. Additionally, I learned more about the band Tathos ("LIVE to DIE.") If anyone has a Tathos recording (DC/late 90s/there's probably only a few floating around), please hit up.

5. What happens to implants when you die? Not to be too-too graphic, but it came up after discussing my grandmother (think Cher in "Mermaids"), who passed away many years ago, but I really want to know. I'll get into this more later.

6. NEW PRON & BS tonight. If you saw them last night, hush up. I want a surprise. "I saw them in Seattle after filming a military exercise in the Yakama desert. It's the kind of show where you really want to know every lyric so you can sing along. Sadly, I didn't then, but I've been studying up for Sunday night."

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