Friday, March 31, 2006


Choices for Friday night:
A. Aid someone in moving to new apartment
B. Sit in bar alone while spouse aids someone in moving to new apartment.*
C. See movie alone
D. Discover fun new friends with fun new Friday night plans.**

Choices for Saturday:
None: Having used up all my “Get out of spousal obligation for free” cards I must attend a 4-year-old’s dance recital in Way The Faraway, Virginia. Unsure of what to really think about this ultimatum though I’ve been told there may be cookies afterwards. A backup Thin Mints sleeve will be spirited along, just in case.

*Options default to B if packing has not already occurred.
** Serious, if you are doing something fun tonight, let me come.


The Governess said...

dceiver et si @ cuebar. want to meet up with yr spouse after i am done packing vases and earrings and teddy bears and etc?

The Governess said...

also there might be pie.

the Nabob said...

pie at cue bar? so there.

tom said...

a drinking plan! hurrah! hope to see you guys out there.

The Governess said...

pie at dance recital. but how funny is it that i am so now bringing a pie to cue bar. I AM.

Sommer said...

what kind of pie?

The Governess said...

i need pie suggestions.

Sommer said...

key lime. or banana creme. or apple, but then you have to bring vanilla ice cream too, at which point the joke becomes perhaps too cumbersome to follow through with.

tom said...

Pecan. A little goes a long way, it's dense enough to eat with your hands, and it requires no accompaniment (although it will happily accept one). For portability, flexibility and nonperishability, it can't be beat. In boy scouts we called it "the survival pie".

The Deceiver said...

Wait? There was pie? The Life of Pi?

Thanks to Rachel Sklar's blog, I now think of the beasties from SLITHER as giant, evil sundried tomatoes.

Also: we went with INSIDE MAN. It was tip-tops. Jodie, bhangra beats, Spike's dolly-cam, Albanian divorcees, and Darryl "Chill" Mitchell! So best!

Plus a twist worthy of M. Night Shamalamadingdong!