Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pr0n; shiny and new

Right here is where I'd talk about New Pornographers and B&S last night, but everything I was going to type has already but outlined here. So, I'll save myself the trouble, as only the laziest blogger should and would. I thought they did as best they probably could, what with sore throats and bleeding hands and Neko-less-ness; and their banter wasn't tooooooo annoying (I hate banter), but it wasn't exactly - stellar. I think Carl would admit they were not at their best. It was a valiant effort at "Bleeding Heart Show," btw. Valiant, but I think they lost.

Nothing to repor ton B&S.

Okay, that's all I really have to say. Oh, excet for the fact that I stood next to a girl who looked EXACTLY like Sarah Chalke from "Scrubs" (she was wearing a suede jacket with fringe, also) and I think I passed Matthew Yglesias near the merch booth. I recognized his sweater.

EDIT: Oh, wait, I'm not done. Newman also made some sort of crack about All American Rejects and Hawthorne Heights and etc. I can't remember exactly what. Want to know more about Hawthorne Heights? (I didn't know who they were until this week.) Read all about them through their most awesome label-to-street team messages. The kids these days, they is the CLASS.


tom said...

Yeah, that was Matt. He's the reason I was at the show, actually, having responsibly bought a spare ticket while I lazily frittered away the ticket-buying window, grasshopper/ant style. Anyway, I was probably 10 or 15 feet ahead of him at that point. Sorry I didn't see you guys; I was looking around, but no luck.

tom said...

ALSO! Most important thing: after Carl made fun of Hawthorne Heights, AAR, Fallout Boy, etc, he made a joke about it getting him in trouble on the blogs. You are fulfilling your destiny.

The Governess said...

OH YEAH. I totally forgot about the blog thing.

The Deceiver said...

Dude. I am sorry I missed you! Poor Pornographers, I guess. Hilariously, I got two tickets for the Unstoppable Throat of Neko Case for the price of ONE of last night's tickets, plus I get Martha Wainwright.

I met Neko Case at Iota one afternoon years ago, and, yes, there was a part of me, deep down, that wanted to have sex with her. But that's not the point...I sort of wished I knew that the Porns would be all bereft of bejar and all "Katherine Calder was the Case that they gave me." I might have spent the money elsewhere, like paying down the massive debt I've accumulated on Strokes service charges. The IMF has me on a structured debt repayment plan and I mean to tells ya, it's HELLA ONEROUS. My bitches be rioting and shit. But when it comes to the Strokes, I got needs like Jean Aristedes.

That said the Belles and Sebastiana were way more ka-blamo than I would have thought. I had not anticipatesd that those levees would be all a-breached. Tommy says that B&S write ditties, but the bottom line is that their ditties did where other's ditties didn't.

I feel sorta bad for not offering my services to Carl Newman. I was totally ready to bust out some Miss Teen Wordpower. Nobody knows the wreck of the soul the way I do.

The Governess said...

If we're all going to be honest on comment boards: who, deep down, doesn't want to have sex with Neko Case. ?

(Completely unrelated. I would like someone to explain to me whatever happened to great musical disappointment "Maritime" ftrng. E. Axelson; and why when I google "Maritime Music" does a Billy Joel fansite come up? ANSWER, someone please, & not in the form of a question.)