Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Irish New Year

My disgracefully lazy friend is taking the day off so he can celebrate Green Day in all its majesty. And he asked me to go out of my way this morning to check the lines at Kegs and Eggs at Lulu’s. But since his phone dials straight to voice mail, he’s no doubt still asleep. So here you go, you bum…

Look, I know the picture is too long. Chill.

The line stretches from the front door to past the apartment where Chandra Levy used to live. There you go dude. Now go back to bed.

I also saw someone in line I used to respect. But I didn’t say hi. He doesn’t need me to add to his embarrassment of queuing up to see The Reflex at 7am.

Update: The last two entries have made us sound distinctly anti-St. Patrick’s Day. We are not. We just dislike our drunk friends insisting we go to overheated bars and asking that we entertain that troll-looking girl while you talk to her traffic cone-shaped friend.

UpdateII: Alright. I'm sorry; the girl did not look like a troll.

But I’m pretty sure she said she lived under a bridge. And I think she mentioned that if given the opportunity she would grind my bones to make her bread.


The Governess said...

at first, S. and i took one look at that line and desired water pistols, or water balloons with rooftop access. We have now altered that decision, and we want bags of fake $100 bills and gold dubloons that we can throw to the masses, and watch them scurry for the money. Like we were Puffy or something, helpign the commonrs, but not. Also, maybe we'd wear eyepatches, which doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but we thought it might be fun.

The Governess said...

ps, girl-basher. those girls last year were nice. drunk, but nice. no need to call them trolls. or traffic cone shaped. even if it is truth.

The Duchess said...

Count me in on the dubloon throwing. I've even got my own eyepatch! And maybe I can talk to my neighbor and see if he'll let me borrow his parrot for the afternoon.