Monday, March 20, 2006

"dudes have decided they are hooking a breathalyzer up to my phone next time"


Brunch is a spectacular invention. Starchville, cheese, sweet things, waking up late, carb-loading, societal-approved drinking in the AM even tho masked by fruit juices - all things I can mostly get behind. Brunch in 2006. That is my new political bumper sticker.

So, I may have mentioned 700+ times before- 2005 was, personally, a terrible, terrible year. The worst year in a long time. A horrible job, a tragic family, etc. The aftershocks are still being felt, and probably will be for a long time.

2006 has shaped up to be pretty good for me so far. I can't complain. Well, I do, but I shouldn't. I have a new job. I like people, for the most part. But, I haven't been to brunch in 2006 yet.

So it's not much fun, going out for your favorite meal for the first time in months and months, just to awkwardly discuss a friend's divorce. The coffee seems a little bitter, it gets cold faster, and there aren't enough mimosas in the world to make things different- favorite restaurant or not. Toddler-size omelette or not. Beverage refills or not.

Everyone's been through breakups before. They are ass. But it was just what- a little over 2 years ago? that my hair was plastered to my head and I was wearing an ungodly silver getup (rhinestone shoes, people, I shit not), so this all seems esp. unfair.

Bracket Update: officially, I am a joke. I am holding in at a "C" grade in my pool, totes average, but only because everyone else's picks were so far off as well. UNC got their asses handed to them. Nice to see the hometown kids do well, but a little bittersweet for the baby boy who looks like my little brother. Eh, they're young. Next year, TH. Stay and get an education, otherwise you end up like the rest of the clan, and nobody wants that.


I got a new shirt. I saw "V for Vendetta". I saw old friends and old friend's offspring, chubby and shiny-haired and well-behaved and covered in blue icing. Brown Dog was especially cute all weekend. Another friend, friend circa 1998, kept messaging me from Vegas, completely out of his head in a way only Vegas drinking makes you, and he seems to have lived through the weekend. Also, I have in my possession photographic proof he spent QT gambling time with a fully clothed Brigette Neilsen. (clothed! I know!) Our taxes are done. The bathroom is clean.

I haven't seen MPPA since Eve Miller left. If you went to the show this weekend, how's the new Dana?

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