Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i bomb atomically

- I've watched the "Touch the Sky" video trailer probably 6 times already this morning. That means I've watched the "Touch the Sky" video 2x more than the Hold Steady video I posted yesterday. The Pamela, her giant hair, glinty sunglasses and nurse-in-hotpants-stee: I proclaim intoxicating. That being said, the girl in yellow? I love her.

- HEY. What do you do when you have a tick in yr upper leg? Like when you get a tick in your eyelid, except not in your eyelid, and your ENTIRE QUAD is jumping for no reason. Seriously, I have not been doing anything even vaguely resembling athletics, there is no reason for muscles to be flipping on me for no reason.

- Apparently the closest The Books are getting is Cville.

- Other shit: It's becoming disheartingly clear that summer is not soon. My skin will be see-through for six more weeks/whatever P. Phil claims + a few for good measure. My hair is dull and dry and dark. My only hopes for a nice brown skin tinge are through chemicals or fake light that bring hrd spots and eye wrinkles, I am not down with that; or maybe by accidentally smearing this * all over my mug (word on the street/from K.: it's sticky, and smells funny, and is ORANGE. GLOW-orange.) Come soon, summer. I miss you. eating popsicles while wearing wool socks is not right. I am tired of being an eskimo.

- Via Sommer via someone else: only the best thing ever.

- For all those interested, the porn hits for PIAB are still going strong. Hello, my brothers and sisters, on your never-ending quest for cock. Yr welcomed here, without judgement, arms wide open.

Speaking of arms wide open. SCOTT STAPP REVIEWS FROM LAST NIGHT AREN'T UP YET! It's 10:00, people. We demand reviews.

* SQUEEE-EWWW!!! Spousal turn-on via baked goods! I've tried several other facial moisturizers, and I keep coming back to this one. It's the only one that softens and moistens my face, without causing acne. And the smell -- it's just like carrot cake. I have to be careful when I use this when my husband's home.


tom said...

If you end up making the trek to cville for that show, let me know. My sister does some of the booking for that place.

the Nabob said...

Um, two things.

1. The carrot cake thing presumes too much. It’s not that I’m overly attracted to the stuff, it’s just those cupcakes were the only edible thing in the house. And I believe you got my back by eating something of mine.

2. As mentioned last night, I am fully willing to go buy wood stain at Hechinger’s and use a spray bottle to evenly apply it to your pasty-ass skin. It’s like $2 a can. Just keep your eyes closed tight

The Governess said...

1. Okay, eww. that was a comment left by someone else at; and not related to your consumption of my precious cupcakeS (plural), in any way. although i'm still miffed about those cupcakes.

2. tan via wood stain. awesomeness

ilb said...

Words coming soo. Here is the visual evidence:

Drrew said...

Hechinger's? I wanna borrow the time machine!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just landed on your page, and you are really funny, love your sense of humor. You cheered me up! Thanks