Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yawn Factory

Why YOU are cooler then US

We watched Mythbusters last night, the one about yawning being contagious. We then spent ten minutes trying to get the dog to yawn. Instead, it got us tired and we went to bed at 10pm. The dog was fine, though, and stayed up destroying his new toy. This morning, stuffing, everywhere.

Why HE is cooler then YOU

There were two guys on the metro last week who stood in the doorway as people tried to board. One was a tourist who just seemed confused. The other was a well dressed business man who ignored the people trying to squeeze by and gave dirty looks to those who dared rustl his WSJ. At Roselyn, a bunch of riders were slowed by his stubbornness. The last one on was a Metro, let's say, official. He at least had on a shirt with a big M on it. He took one step on, turned to the bidness man and said, "Is there a reason you're standing in the door and slowing down the entire train?" The other guy eventually whimpered, "No." After pulling his pants back up, he got off at the next station. But I don't think it was his stop, he just wanted off the car.

I love a man in uniform.

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