Thursday, September 15, 2005

senses working overtime

The screen is all squiggly, type is making no sense, and I've had three cups of coffee in twenty minutes. My brain is on total overload. I almost just typed "overlord." SWEET!

1. Speaking Of/Our Fearless Leaders: Jerry Kilgore is a cartoon character, and Tim Kaine has evil eyebrows and looks... slicky.

2. Black Sheep is back together!

3. Looking forward to: We're headed to my aunt and uncle's house in upstate NY for the long Columbus Day weekend, or as my family refers to it, Get Drunk On Wine Weekend. The Finger Lakes region has some exceptional wineries, some o' my past favorites including Heron Hill, Lamoreuaux, and Standing Stone. I haven't been up in a few years, and rumor has it some new ones have opened. You would think that this would mean I know something about wine. You would be wrong. But oh, how it does sparkle! And taste good! And stuff! Swirling and spitting is totes for chumps.

And maybe I'll force everyone to Bully Hill, home of great label design and mediocre-to-poor actual wine. Bully Hill, you and your goat are so adorable, why must you taste like actual goat?

4. This, for you. But you, especially.

5. Patent Pending Industries

6. I've yet in my long, long life to actually make it to CMJ, although the Nabob went, years ago when CMJ profiled chamber music and the Nabob's hairstyle of choice was a powdered wig. Anyways, and everyone in my social circle is sick of my rants against CMJ publications (short version: if you ain't gonna do it right, why do it?), so I'll cease for the time being - I'm gonna miss not seeing !!! this year. Something tells me a !!! show in NYC would be bananas.

7. Kurt Vonnegut on the Daily Show? Hilarious.

8. Happy birthday, DCist.


Drew said...

I've got an earworm of The Choice is Yours now. That JC Penny commercial kills me everytime it comes on. It's as random and out of left field as the time I saw an SUV ad that had The Buzzcocks' What Do I Get as the soundtrack.

ilb said...

w00t! Thx!