Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Much more than a death-notice-poster

Fare thee well, EW

* * *

Hi October, you are shaping up nicely. Between snoozing in the back seat of my mom's new leather-covered sedan and waking up in Upstate NY (when Upstate = chilly breezes, technicolor trees, booze); Jon Stewart tix I totally forgot we had ordered until I went to pay the cable bill and EUREKA AND STUFF, there they were; concerts; my dog chasing leaves; apple-orchards and pumpkins and the like; and a trip to Baltimore, city of my mid-twenties, to see a friend run a marathon (any suggestions you have for clever signs, please yell at me herrr) and drink at a bar named GRUMPY'S!!!

I mean, THIS is what I'm talking about, October!

Also, I learned last night on some tv program that the most popular birthday in the world is October 5th. So happy birthday, everyone. (My educated guess is the whole world gets a piece on New Years. As it should be, I suppose.)

* * *

I am back at my office. It is a gray and quiet place, silent except for the in-unison sneezings occurring between me and my office mate. It is kind of nice.


the Nabob said...

My sign will say: Run K! We can duct tape your bloody toenails back on later! Run!

Or something about chafed nipples.

The Deceiver said...

Holy spontaneously crapping ass! October 5 is my wife's birthday! Kee-Ray-Zee.