Friday, September 16, 2005

Slim Fit

Did you know sometimes penguins wear woolen jumpers? Me neither.

* * *

1. I looked on approximately 700 news sites this morning. FYI to my peeps - if you are interested in whatever Bush tried to say last night, you will first have to wade through Brit's ("BritFed") birfing news and the fact that Renee Squinty-Eyes ("ReZelChes") and Keith Urban Kenny Somebody are getting divorced. Yay, America!

2. I had this entire diatribe scripted out about Laird&Partners, and how they can fool me once with their MISSY & MADONNA FRIENDSHIP LIES, but you know what they say. Can't fool a girl twice or something. Anyways, this newish-now-oldish Gap thing? LAIRD & PARTNERS PLEASE. We is not an idiot. Brandon Boyd ("BranBoy")? What has BB even been up to since 2000? And, really, no one's favorite song is by Sealhenry. That's just crazy talk.

But I guess PR firms are, after all, in the business of crazy talk.

PS Who's Keith Urban ("KeUrb")?

3. "The Penis Mightier for 200, Alex!"

4. So I got to Stetsons late last night after spewing forth DRIVEL for a few hours on the company dime, only to find myself tired and overworked and not nearly as drunk as everyone else/I wanted to be. Really, after this week, I desired to be outrageously drunk, in a way that can only be described as "outrageously." But that didn't happen, so I settled for a sweet little conversation or 2 wit mah gurl; the ILB; this nice guy, briefly, at the bar; and a tornado in a tube dress.

The cake, rumor has it was from Costco.
The cake, rumor has it, was delish.

Then I went home and went to bed, and forgot to let the dog out, meaning my ever-suffering spousal unit was awoken with great furrocity at 5:30 AM as I lay comatose, and that is how I spent my summer vacation, or at least my Thursday night.

5. Since I'm at my "other office" for a few short hours, I have video capabilities! And real walls! Made of drywall and steel! And a door, that closes! Look what's keeping me company this AM!

6. I know I've brought this up before, but based on a comment last night ("every girl I know loves Stevie Nicks"), I'd like to re-request a portrait of Stevie and my dog, together, please; as a Christmas gift.

Okay, go on, shoo. It's September. Shouldn't you all be studying right now?


Lady Jane Grey said...

The pickled tornado, back in action!

Drew said...

Wow, the video page on the Matador site has a video for Pat's Trick by Helium. Why didn't anyone tell me about this before?! I know what I'm watching when I get home.

topic15 said...

Don't knock seal. he's still milking "Crazy" and "Killer" like you wouldn't believe. I just saw "Killer--the 2005 remixes" on vinyl for sale at tower.