Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Believe for all the World


1. An Asian feast was partook-en of last Saturday night, paid for via an expired-ish, maybe, gift certificate and a nice tip; thai iced tea and crab and lime and noodles and spices and perfection and glory in a nice, neat clay pot package. Thai food, done right, is the best food in the entire universe. The only thing that might be better than Thai food is the Big Gulp. I love the entire concept of a Big Gulp. Don't argue with me on this, I'm a touch pissy lately.

Anyways, after said food (DINNER AND MOVIE. THAT IS A GINUWINE DATE MON AMIS!), we saw Broken Flowers, which was just as I expected? No real surprises? Bill Murray was good, blank, just the way he/the character should have been. Tilda Swinton, however brief, was great. The best, in my opinion, was Frances Conroy. Run see, and tell me she's not brilliant as Dora. (Apparently also going to be in "Shop Girl" as welll, but playing who IMDB doesn't specify.)

Also, Homer Murray, Bill's boy, looks like the poor chump ex-husband of Shannon Elizabeth. (You know, of "Tomcats" fame!!!!!!!1)

2. "NOW THIS IS JUST A REGULAR GIRL. Not indie-rock anymore, because of the hair is too long, THAT'S WHY."

3. Let us, for a moment, consider the fishing ground. Doesn't this story warm the cockles of your heart? Doesn't it seem kind of, I don't know, quaint? Given the horrors in the Mid East, recent natural disaster tragedy, missing teenage girls, the crazed mass murder of black dogs in Northern Virginia, etc; I like reading about "boundaries of the continental shelf between Ellesmere and Greenland, upon in 1973."

4. The most awesome search that landed someone on Pyggy to date. Germans, you are a hoot.

5. Psssss, I didn't know if you knew or not, but it's football season. Who wants a scotch?

6. Thanks, bloggers of the world. Now I am sad, for not being wealthy. SWOON!

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