Thursday, September 22, 2005


things from this last night/morning:

* *"LOST" SPOILERISH MAYBES, don't read if you didn't watch:* *




- "THERE'S A MAN IN THE HATCH! AND JACK'S HAIR MIGHT EAT IT!" The dog and I were scurred, we cuddled for safety and warmth.

- Whoa, have you heard the book theory? That the numbers actually match the numbers that are the chances that you meet your twin? And the book was written by a guy named Roussaeu in 1988? Okay, sorry, I'm not making any sense at all. See, this information is from DC101 listeners, so verification is STRONGLY needed, and I haven't had any coffee yet.

- So, the guy in the SUV that died when Carol Vesey came into the ER to be treated by The Hair? He died at 8:15, and he was Shannon and Boone's dad.

- The numbers are on the vial Desmond injects himself with. And the mural, (the bad, bad mural that appears as if it was painted by a kid in one of my college classes who used to call everything in his "series" of "work" "Sin: Sin I," "Sin: Sin 2," etc....) anyways, on the mural is the word "SICK."

- HOW CAN DESMOND live in a HATCH in the GROUND and have a nicer pad than mine? Can I get the humber of his interior decorator? The fuck?

Okay, time for internets.

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