Thursday, September 15, 2005

yawn blink hi

Okay hi.
I'm going to Stetson's tonight. I think. I'll try my hardest.
I might be a little late.
Who's in????


- I finish a mind-numbing QC strategy, complete with numbers, which are scary. On second thought, this actually might be easier (and much funnier!) to do AFTER Stetson's. ("The aforementioned requires monthly meetings to consistently re-evaulate resources and shifts in clients requirements. Measurables, blah blah; Results, blah, if meetings are not met in a timely and cost effective manner, client can request aforementioned... KISS THUR ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's CRACK, BITCH!")

- I skip my weekly volleyball game (which is scheduled for 7:00, which I can't make because of said my mad Excel graphing skillz, mentioned above, because I need all this to be finished before doing anything fun, which won't be by 7:00 PM, which is when my volleyball game is, which makes me mad, and nothing's more fun than an angry drunk. Homework can BITE ME.)

- My head doesn't explode from having to drive to LANDOVER IN FUCKING RUSH HOUR to pick up a SINGLE PACKAGE. Seriously. Maryland. Jesus.*

So, by the time I get to Stetson's, I'll need a drink. And a lobotomy. I'm sorry if I'm not as cute or as funny or as charming as usual, which is so cute/funny/charming, its mind-blowing. (when cute/funny/charming = awkward.)


It's not funny.

Seriously, stop laughing.

* Okay, scratch that, I do not have to go to MD. Yay!!!!

Oh, and this update: It's been determined I prolly dreamed up that Eartha Kitt pic, so you can stop your frantic searching. I think I just combined the thoughts of her holding a kitten, and her laying on a lion/large-cat type rug. Feh. A girl can dream.

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