Friday, September 16, 2005

Welcome to Dweebsville!

Secret Shame #15:

The past few days, I've had weird chunks of downtime while waiting on coworkers to get me giant piles of archived documents; papers I need to work on a recent URGENT URGENT URGENT project.

I've been passing those timechunks by playing lots of this.

(Incidentally- best quote ever by TR: The Word 'italic' is kind of sexy because it reminds me of the word 'Italian.' And everyone knows about sexy Italians.")


Anonymous said...

I just increased your readership by an infinate percentage! Loser - give it up.

The Governess said...

Good morning, internet weirdos!

1. It's "infinite."

2. My email's in the profile, and I eagerly anticipate your love letters.

3. If you are here because of some intense "Newsweek" traffic, please email the N. at the aforementioned email address. I'm sure he'd love to correspond with you. But please- anonymous comments are for suckers.

The Governess