Thursday, September 29, 2005


1. OMFGLOSTHOLDSTEADYBLARRGGFGHHEARTATTACK: I'M NOT EVEN SHITTING YOU AT ALL OR ANYTHING. Read the whole article. I take ONE day to play hooky, and the DC blogosphere gives me this. My heart is filled with joy. (last night. too much raft. not enough Ethan explanation. I am the only one still obsessed with Ethan?)

2. Can I Get A What Loudoun What: Listen. I realize that hating on Virginia is just, TEH COOLEST. I get it. And I don't defend my native state because I don't agree with much that it does. But, for rilla, enough already. I tire of the uppity game, CITY>SUBURBS. Yes yes, you live in DC and therefore, you is probs ++ indie than me. Color me careless, dude; I can still come into your bar and spend my suburban money with righteous glee. Once upon a time, I wanted to buy a small piece of property, with ample, tow-free parking, and to do so, it required living 1.5 miles across the river. Born and raised a NoVa kid, baby, and totally apathetic about it! But the next time I read some jokey-ass remark in the DCist comments section about "banning VA licenses in DC bars, a har har buh har", I will kindly remind you. to. fuck. off. Because seriously? Find a new target to bum-rush. I'm sure Frederick or Germantown could do quite nicely. You grew up in Muncie and suddenly you call native rights? You aren't allowed to make fun of me yet. Call back in 25 years. And be creative about it, for god's sake.

3. Where the stores are: On the day off, we went to walk around the mall to return things (second time in so many days. There were lots of pregnant women there. Who am I??? Later, I went to Outback. Time to reiterate I DO NOT SHIT YOU) and then later down the street to score CDs. After piling many into my hands, I left them all in a pile(unalphabetized, I'm so sorry hip Cellar employees) and just one was purchased by the N. - the Pony's "Celebration Castle." Produced by Steve Albini, but sometimes love just ain't enough. Report to follow. I passed on the May released Scout Niblett album. Although now, I'm not sure. Opinions?

4. Steal this car: Currently, I'm living in my car like a tramp (hobo not sexual.) I have lots of food containers, empty shopping bags, my windshield is cracked. I am practically on red-alert Jewel status. Layers of coffee cups, fossilized french fries a la Morgan Spur-what's-his-name experiment, a winter coat or two, and 7 billion CDs. Anyone who'd like to join me for a nap at lunchtime is welcome, because I have a comforter in the back seat. Smells kind of like hound dog, but whatevs. Naps are good no matter what the smell!

5. Sixteen Days of Doubt:From my man on the streets of Cary, the venerable MJ: BREAKING NEWS! Four songs into it, and the new Ryan Adams CD is good. It's great. It's wonderful. I have no idea whether the next ten songs will be as good, but I'd say right now that it's the best thing he's done since Heartbreaker.

I do not believe him.

6. Supernova: My brother just called, he has an extra ticket to Oasis? Dear worker drones, what should I do tonight? Choices are a.) Oasis b.) not Oasis.

okay let me know.

UPDATE: Okay, the Oasis ticket is costing me the equivalent of two beers for my bro and his GF. So there! Come find me on the lawn.


tom said...

That DCist comment bugged me too. I still have a VA driver's license, dammit! And honestly, DC just can't claim the cultural dominance that the commenter seems to assume. w/r/t this particular debate -- how many good, seedy, rock-friendly bars are there in DC versus in NoVa? Maybe 3 more? That's not such a huge advantage.

The Governess said...

Honestly, it usually doesn't bother me that much. I spend very little time in NoVa, and there are plenty of things to make fun of. I agree, the variety is in the city. But I just hate when one person makes a comment about how VA sucks, and then everyone jumps on the cool-kids bandwagon to mock the suburbs. Piss off. Besides, I hardly doubt anyone mocking the suburbs even knows HALF of what's available in their own city. Drinks are on me, a suburban girl, the next time they can find their way to the Raven.

Ethan Wiggum said...

i'm an unapologetic defender of what most of the dcists would consider the backward parts of virginia (hey - 4 years there - it grows on you). that said, i think it would be instructive for the uber-cool nitwits to realize just how many of the food-service workers/bartenders/doormen in their favorite hangouts live in va because it's what they can afford on the shitty tips that indie kids invariably leave.

The Deceiver said...

Umm. Quite a few of us DCists live in Virginia. Myself incuded. Not our comment. One day, I'll get to move into the city--we're chasing a rabbit and we're about $200-a-month-in-income behind to make it work. Of course, the wife and I enjoy ten minute commutes, so who's to say we'll move. I guess we'll cross the Key Bridge when we come to it.

The Governess said...

No no no, I mean IN the comments section. Not comments FROM Dcist.

Michelle said...

DCist and it's commenters have NOTHING on DC Metroblogs, which is way worse about this sort of thing. Their snarky little post about the demonstrations last weekend really cheesed me off. "Not news because we live here."

Well, funny, I've lived here a lot longer and it's still news to me. Honey, the Washington Post is my hometown newspaper -- how about you?

ilb said...

DC is so much more location obsessed than NYC is. I don't get it. I mean, I knew people in NYC that wouldn't dare to go Jersey or Brooklyn, but it wasn't considered a sin to live there. But keep in mind, my place in Brooklyn was cheaper, bigger and had more neighborhood bars than their places in the 212 did.

Oh, and Left Center, row CC. Just follow the screams for "Liam!!!!". Obvs.

The Governess said...

pshaw, please richie - i am totes lawn.

The Deceiver said...

DC Metroblogs is exactly like what Overheard In New York would be if it were written by uninteresting people afflicted with a paralyzing love of their own voice.

Michelle said...

Deceiver, will you marry me?