Friday, September 30, 2005



I learned a new word today: Drachonfodder. It's German for dragon fodder, and it means the act of bringing home flowers and candy (and bourbon! --Ed.) and etc shit because your wife is super pissed.



If you don't go look here, yr a dope.


I just remembered that Death Cab for Cutie covered Julian Cope's "Shut Your Mouth." I don't really have anything else to say about that, it just kind of popped into my head?


LJG: the best thing ever
LJG: "The Litany of Beer:
LJG: on a T-shirt
LJG: I'm buying it
LJG: because it encompasses possibly my two favorite things: 1) Beer 2) Sci-fi.
The G: DUUUNNNNNNE. HAHAHA. They have it as a baby doll tee.
LJG: should i get regular sized or baby doll?
LJG: I feel like regular even in a small wouldn't be normal
LJG: maybe a medium baby doll??
The G: that's you - you're my medium babydoll.
The G: blog name. right there


The Oasis concert was good. Jet was eh, Jet. Teeshirts were ugly, high school kids were all saliva-y and stumbling. Hanging with my brother's girlfriend (The GF: "I will give you a crisp new twenty if you yell 'WONDERWALL WOOOOOOOOO' and hump that guys leg over there. The 17 year old. Yeah, him. Remember, the 'WOOOOOO' is crucial") was most definitely above-par, and I took a picture of Liam onscreen with my spanking new camera phone thing, but it's just a big blobby of bright light.

Tonight, I'm experimenting in drinking binges with my husband at L16. Why? Why the Local? What hast thou done to deserve? Why on a Friday night, god, why?

Remember, "Burn to Shine" is tomorrow, only 6 dollars.

Wish you were here.


Lady Jane Grey said...

In a rare example of follow through, I did actually buy the shirt after that conversation. I'll wear it tonight to embarrass the Duchess (and everyone else, for that matter).

The Duchess said...

Oh god, you must wear it!
I can say with confidence that Local 16 has never seen the likes of that shirt walk through its doors.

ps. are we really prepared to stand in line?

Ethan Wiggum said...

no fair. we want to see the shirt.

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