Wednesday, September 21, 2005

large heart boy/overusing italics edition

1. Hey, Uncle Billy, Aunt Joy? RUN.
(My daddy spent his childhood summers earning his melanoma in Galveston, so this kind of makes me sad sadder than usual. Also, my dad now has to have parts of his face burned off pretty regularly, so remember your sunscreen. Especially if you're a Viking.

2. OMGNSTUFF. I have found theeee place to hang at lunch hour, especially if you need gas, or Diet Coke and Swedish Fish. Keedz, gather round: the Sunoco off of King Street.

Holla at yr girls when they leave TC Williams campus for lunch!! And "remember the Titans" as you holla!!!


"HE. IS. FINE. Fiiiiiine. I even told my MOM he was fine."

"Gurl, they call me Apple Bottom cause that is WHAT I ROLL IN!!"

"You have twenty dollars? Tight, buy me some cake."

Translation please- is Apple Bottom a fashion line? (I think it is.) That would make sense, I guess. You should see these girls. They are totally macked-out and macked-up, sequined purses and blue eyeliner and faux-fur backpacks and shiny, creative hair, WHATTUPPPPP ALEXANDRIA HILTONS!!!!! They are funny and young and totally loving their bodies no matter what shape-n-size, eating Hostess products with hedonistic abandon and then fixing their Bonne Bell, teetering on heels with glittery butterfly-type things tied up their legs, fluttering eyelashes at giant muscley boys in cars with spinning rims.

I am jealous, I am frumpy, my hair is mousey and I want - just for the time it takes to fill up my gastank - to be a sophomore again.

Like I said, the Sunoco. Be there, it is hotness. Neon-bright, the hotness.

3. Sad- John Keitz died yesterday. The story the Post published on Keitz earlier this year was pretty touching, although I wished it would have focused even more on his family- is it in bad taste to think the Keitz clan may have inspired a John Waters character or two? I don't think so.

4. After this week of work is over, I'm going to have a few weird down days because of a thing with a thing and a thing at work. Maybe I'll even be sent home???? I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING A 7-BAR IN 7-DAYS CHALLENGE. (cue cheers) Moderate, responsible, vaguely boring and adult consumption every night for a week!!!! Who's with me???

5. PS, this via Ultragrrrl.

6. I can't think of much else to say, so LOST LOST LOST LOST LOST LOST LOST. My house, 8 pm for Cliffs Notes. Bring candy, and no talking allowed unless it's me, throwing things at the telly because the suspense is making me have a grand mal.


Ethan Wiggum said...

ready, go!

make sure your volume's on.

Ethan Wiggum said...

also, there was a sad absence of pickled tube-top tornado. at least that would have been a good story. see my page for the damage.

The Governess said...