Wednesday, September 14, 2005

why you won't hear from me

The next week is going to be hell. I actually have to DO WORK. Perhaps even WORK OVERTIME. It's like I'm writing a term paper, only longer and much more boring. I was an art major for a reason. My little dinosaur brain can barely wrap around this foreign concept, effort.

Also, as noted in the comments, somewhere there exists a photo of Eartha Kitt holding an actual live lion. The one of her holding a cat doesn't count, I'm talking LION. I know I've seen it somewhere, the first person to find this photo wins my undying devotion. Besides, I need it for my Friendster profile.

Or maybe I'm just making this up.

- Related, definitely: did you know when you google "eartha kitt" on Google Images, John Goodman comes up?

- Related, maybe: I'm taking suggestions for Halloween. People, it's only a few short weeks away! And no one will do my "Running of the Bulls" idea with me, even though I swear it borders on genius. I've also just thought about the classics, like zombies, or mummies. Both kind of funny in a retro way. What do you think about Judy Garland, and I carry around Vicodin and booze all night, instead of candy?

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A Unique Alias said...

Didn't you know? The actor known as "John Goodman" is actually a massively complex robotic body, inside of which the brain of Eartha Kitt continues her career as a fatter, whiter cat-woman.