Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday Complaints

1. I got scolded for eating an ice cream sandwich earlier this summer, but yesterday no one said anything to this guy who flinging around a yoyo on the Metro. And it wasn't some tourist's kid, it was a mid- twentyish guy going to work. Plus he wasn't that good. I'd judge his skill level somewhere around reckless.

Should playing with a yoyo on the Metro platform be allowed?

An informal poll of the people giving me a ride home last night resulted in the following responses...

  1. No.
  2. Depends on if he's good.
  3. Was he cute?
Good answer K. And I don’t think he was, but what do I know of guy cuteness.

2. The ancient male pursuit of throwing junk at each other's heads resulted in the purchase of the cheapest balled object at CVS = the imitation hackey sac. It appears my intended use for the thing is not same as the manufacture's = healing ACL injuries with magnets.

3. Complaining of knees... how 'bout some rain? Our lawn is the brownest of brown and the tomatoes deadest of brown and the ground's too hard. Every soccer slide tackle or unnecessary dive results in bloody knees. They're both gross. You can’t tell where the earth ends and the manhole covers begin when we play on the Ellipse.

4. My camera has suddenly just joined my iPod in the useless dead electronics drawer. The lone .jpg survivor...

Oh, old timer, the life guard warned you the waves were too big for you to go in with you pajamas. And now you’ve lost your shoe.


The Governess said...

i totally forgot about pajama man. i love him.

The Duchess said...

Will someone explain the lumps on pajama mans chest. I know one is a man-boob, but what is the other? Does he have two vertical man-boobs? And if so, was I too distracted by his socks to notice this while on the beach?

Drew said...

Yeah, playing on the Ellipse can pretty rough. I tore the ACL in my left knee while playing soccer there in April. It was completely dry then, but there were so many little pits and holes in which to catch your foot in that playing there could be pretty brutal.

Kriston said...

Duchess, you're not familiar with man breastlets? The sub-1 man breasts? The gizzards?

tom said...

maybe it's just a particularly advanced jowl.