Monday, September 26, 2005

Keeping up with the Jonesez

1.21 jigawatts: an Alton interview.

With the new Candy Corn soda, the Nabob discovers he has a new favorite bev.

Creepy Abandoned Chi-chis: Finally updated. What a guy.

* * *

Today is my fake last day at Das Office, at least until budgets/contracts get figured out. It is quite difficult to full-on-emote how happy this makes me; right this very now, however, I'll be back VERY SOON, mere days, and that makes me want to sink into a deep black ditch of depression. The ditch includes eating bean dip from the bowl with my fingers and taking naps on my dog's flank. My life perfectly described, one again, by cartoons: I have great hope partnered with immediate sinking despair. I have... hopelash.

In other news, I bought a camera phone this weekend, so please join me in welcoming myself to a Modern Era. Also, I bought two sweaters (vaguely librarianish), two pairs of brown pants almost identical in nature, (except one is made of corduroy and the "whish-whish" sound is such overwhelming/crippling first-grade nostalgia, that I might have to return them), a skirt, and a pair of brown suede high heels I am trying to convince myself are not so much "work" shoes but also "hey lets go out and be sexy and cause trouble" shoes. However, they have a buckle, so that negates the previous statement. OH PRACTICALITY, OH CAPRICORNARY.

Since this is becoming a blog where I detail my weekend shopping trips, I'm going to stop now.

Also, Patton Oswalt got married this weekend, and "Cool Hand Luke" was on cable.

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rcr said...

I watched Cool Hand Luke along with the 2 hours of chain gang documentaries that preceded it on the History channel. With commercials, that was probably 16 hours of tv. I think I have a problem.