Friday, September 09, 2005

bird on a wire

Public Health Goddess Pal, K., presented unto me a link:

"Anti-Rape" Condom

There seems to be some serious logistical problems with this. Does one have to wear this all the time? If so, I assume the woman's health has been taken into account? I can only imagine some dangerous side effects to the wearer, should this thing malfunction.

"This is not about vengeance ... but the deed, that is what I hate," she said.

Absolutely, any mortal soul with half a brain and a teaspoon of human compassion hates violence against women, and men, and children, and animals. Rape against women is particularly vicious/cruel/nauseating, mostly because it's so freakishly prevalent. The packaging just isn't accurate. The preventing pregnancy/STD's I can stand behind, but the claim that it is "anti-rape?" Uh, no. This little barbed contraption is EXACTLY about vengeance. The name itself is a total misnomer: this isn't actually preventing rape, it's just retribution.

(I don't know, maybe they can still consider passing it out to freshmen in orientation packets or something.)

Or maybe we should just all teach our children it's not fucking okay to sexually abuse someone, so in the future, the need for products like this diminishes. I'm not optimistic enough to say "disappears completely."

Less important, but what if you are a willing participant, but fully, uh, loaded? Will it come down to all of us women in society saying: "If you can hold on just one second- my crotch is potentially harmful right now, so I need to disarm." And, is an anal version in the works? Don't giggle, that's a valid question.

Anyhoos, fascinating concept, in the least. It's time like these that make me wish I had kept in touch with all my Steinem Leadership Institue cohorts from undergrad. Thems would be some FIERCE discussions.

* * *

Really, completely, totally unrelated:

Seeing family this weekend, seeing Wrens tonight. Eating beignets at Evening Star early tomorrow morning. Volleyball practice and a barbeque on Sunday. Dinner with my old boss, Tuesday? Bluestate on Saturday night. DCist birthday party next week. (If I attend these last two, is it a desparate attempt on my part to, gulp, enter - a scene of some sort? Because listen, chickens, I am not cool. I wear Old Navy sometimes. I know I've mentioned it before, but my bedtime is totes 10PM LATEST.)

Busy! But I have to say, I love Septembers. I can actually SMELL back to school in the air, and my 12 year old neighbor hates my guts for waving all chipper-like to her every morning at the bus stop. I am a, sigh, Big Nerd.

Much weekend love.

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