Monday, September 26, 2005

PS: innocent

(Postscript One: Yes, I indeed realize that I spent my weekend totes hanging at the mall with my GF, instead of at the protests.

Two, apparently some of the DCPD protest round-up vans ended up in Cleveland Park, which is the funniest thing, maybe ever.. I wish they hadn't of done anything else. Hopefully they didn't, you know, actually book them at a CP precinct. It would have been the ultimate Punk'd- driving those pesky ideological kiddies off to the far reaches of NW, and then just letting them loose to figure their way back to the Scene.

Three, how good was that Contstantines album from a few years ago, anyways? And what about the song "On the Table" by AC Newman? Just bringing it to your attention again, caase you want to hit a Sam Goody or something. Consume! Or the terrorists win!

Four, yes yes. I've heard about the dolphins. It's awesome.)

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