Saturday, September 17, 2005

saturday sound

I've spent the entire morning procrastinating, and the past 2 hours or so actually working, albeit with a crick in my neck. The dog's asleep on the couch, the husband is off playing some sort of barbaric adult football (where one of them old-timers is bound to get irreparably damaged. Those achilles don't repair themselves you know, and you aren't 17 any more.)

Prizes for the first person to send me an email with a good reason to be stuck in the basement on a weekend. Overtime pay doesn't count, because said overtime is already earmarked for fixing two massive cracks in my windshield. Kids, don't ever grow up.


- Starlight Mints (via Fluxblog)

- "Lonesome Stray"(via Glossary Online)

- Mikey D. (via hisself)

and last but certainly not least-

- Cypress Hill/Sonic Youth remix of "I Love You Mary Jane" from the Judgement Night soundtrack. (via 3Hive and Brealonline).

- Hey, Black Sheep Boy appendix!!!! Also, the "For Real" video (Zack Margolis animation.) If it is Will Sheff who illustrated this (as the credits read, kind of), and not Will SCHAFF (responsible for several OR album covers, and who's work I love- especially his "Mail Art") - then Sheff's at least been heavily influenced by the other Will in his own illustrative techniques(check out the "ribbons" and script text.) Needless to say, it doesn't look like Schaff's work, but I'm kind of confused as to who actually illustrated it.


Ethan Wiggum said...

basements (of the unlit yet furnished variety, such as my apartment) are excellent for sleeping off a hangover.

The Governess said...

You would win if I had done something to result in a hangover last night, but my night consisted of laundry and cable. Nice attempt, Brett.

The prize, by the way, is simply glorious.