Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jill Cunniff, where you at?

In an ongoing effort to post nothing but fluff, I give you this.

Let's not talk about the actual content/subject of the article. Shhh, shhhh. Let's please just play the quiet game for a few minutes, children; focus on the last two paragraphs. Do these peeps at ANI need a second, part-time job? Because they are lazier authors than I am; and I know suckers out there looking to hire.

* * *

I read somegenius blog comparing the Yeah Yeah Yeah's to LUSCIOUS JACKSON (! ! !), and I kind of got mopey. Aww. Remember "Natural Ingredients"? Remember Sassy magazine? Hells bells, people.

* * *

Other: Federal City Five is playing Rock N Romp on Saturday, I need new running shoes, salad for lunch, I'm trying to convince People In Positions of Authority to have Okkervil River stay at my house this fall. Slumber Party! Indie vegetarian brunch! I'll buy edamame, or whatever that crap's called.

Edit/PS: Dude is everywhere. Celeb sighting: Now would probably be the place to bring up the Head Gypsy stealing my cheese fries, chilling with us ladies latenite at Ben's, startin shit with a belligerent LJG, me being transfixed Eugene's moustache and sparkly gold things. But I think I've talked to this before. How Now Brown Hutz; look for him in the upcoming Everything is Illuminated (!)

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