Thursday, September 01, 2005


With sadness like this, that and the other in this crazy world, it's hard not to over-analyze one's own paltry existence. For instance: how did I make it this far in life? (Not far like "accomplished," because a-har har; more far like: still breathing.) Is it weird to think every year I'm alive, it's mostly due to plain luck? I mean, with all those carcinogens* and speeding buses and drinking too much "Olympus" in a guy named Dave's basement when I was sixteen, what are the chances that LITTLE OLD ME made it to the ripe old age of 187? Yet here I slump.

Sorry to get maudlin.

- In related-ish news, I need advice. What does one say to someone after that person has just gotten a tattoo in memorial of their deceased significant other, and the tattoo is SPELLED WRONG? I ask because that's what's happening with me today. Dudes, take note: all of you should be on your knees and weeping with gratitude that you did not marry into my family. Unless, of course, you were working on a movie script, because then you've missed out.

- Also, I'm apparently going to have to cash out my 401k just to gas up for the beach this weekend.

With all tragedy, comedy.

* (Great choice on that font for CANCER, people!!!! Red and yellow and pixelated all over. Very scary.)


tom said...

can you explain the nature of the misspelling, or would that give something away?

The Governess said...

Explanation: I'm pretty sure I'm adopted.

It's a relatively common word. I think those of us who can spell just aren't going to say anything, because given this person's social circle, no accquaintances will know the difference anyways.

Washington Cube said...

What does the tattoo say? R.A.P. instead of R.I.P.? "In remembrance of me?"

A Unique Alias said...

Rest in Piece