Wednesday, March 07, 2007

vampires want darkness, monsters want souls, spiders want corners

One, do you ever misattribute certain songs to the incorrect periods in your life? Like: "Everybody's Stalking." Synapses fire and suddenly I'm aurally transported back to the computer lab in which I took and promptly dropped a vicious little class called "3-D Modeling," which was designed for assholes* who wanted to make video games for a living. WHY?????? That album wasn't even out yet.

Two, I've gotten several different answers, so I'm taking a poll - how do you hyphenate the word "communication?" "Communi-cation," right?

Three, laziness. Wanna read some awesome internet? Echoing CS: this, echoing Charles: this.

Four, behold, and all things are new and stuff. In several short days, my friend KS leaves to visit a convent of sorts. I am more than massively intrigued re: her decision after seeing "the life."

Five, the jury I was on? Sentencing handed down on the same day as Scooters only not nearly as newsworthy, I suppose. Gave (the now 15 year old) 15 years in prison.

* not all of you video game designers are assholes. Just this particular coven i escaped thanks to a short yet dramatic spurt of tears in the dept. heads office. I am not above crying.

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