Thursday, March 15, 2007

ass-sassination, vacation

- It's the Ides of March and you know what that means: flowers for me. Lots of young blushing American brides-in-waiting get proposed to on Valentines Day or Christmas or, I dunno, on a boat on the Nile; the N. instead picked this day oh so many moons ago. Nothing says romance like assasination. Thanks for the lilies, dude (lilies: my favorite, and also the flower of death! YAY GOTH COUPLES.)

- Yesterday was beautiful, I made sure to go out and drink at least one beer before I started yawning because I am 74 years old and had a pinochle tournament to attend and I needed to wake up at 4:30 AM. Okay not true, but I am tired and old. Perry's is probably the strangest bar-thing in all of DC. I forget it exists a lot, mostly because Ad-Mo makes me want to eat brains and so I avoid it at most costs, but it does have a great porch and the douchebag contingent was pretty low last night. Although I'd love someone to explain to me when it became acceptable to break out the MTV "The Grind" attire in March. Actually, nevermind. Whatever. Let yr ass flag fly, twenty two year olds! I have just now decided since everyone else derides you, I am going to fully support your love of tanning beds and weird mini skirts partnered with scarves (to keep your neck warm?) Own it!

- I may or may not have sprained my big toe. It is swollen and rather bruised. I don't know how it happened. One more thing I am asking for an explanation regarding. (Man. That there? Best sentence I ever typed. It makes absolutely no sense at all whatsoever)

- Basketball starts today, the air is filled with the hope-n-glory of it all and I found myself in a weird conversation with an elevator full of lawyers this morning concerning Creighton, of all things. Hope yr brackets are filled out. Mine have already been edited at least 12 times. Lots of scratches and such, I always do a few hard copies first. If you need me, internet, you can find me somewhere with a television.*


1. My mom just called crying because her office has firewalled ESPNdotcom.
2. My bro is totally freaking out re: his Rams tonight.
3. LJG: "my bracket is awesome. I have like, the san francisco 49s winning against the St. louis cards, 4 -1. aaanyway."

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