Monday, March 05, 2007

Game Day

Scene, parental homestead. Maryland vs. NC State:

The G: Oh, ha ha. I get it. I never really got it before now.

Mom: What?

The G: The "Mike Jones" thing. How the stands yell "Who!" every time an announcer says his name.

Mom: Oh, come on. You didn't get that? You know, 'cause of the Mike Jones album "Who Is Mike Jones?" That why they yell "Who!"

The G: . . . .

Dad: (rolling on the floor, tears in his eyes, cannot breathe from the laughter)

The G: . . . .

Mom: What? I know things. You think I'm not cool. But I know things.

The G: If you start reviewing "American Dream", I swear to God I'm leaving this house and never coming back, because I want my mother back and you, Madame, are not the woman who raised me.

* * *

In other bball news, check out cuz's facebone. Perp ejected from teh game! Don't worry, we're not blood (well, we don't think), it's a marriage thing only, so all that red spillage you see 'tis no Pyg DNA. Whew. I know you're comforted.

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