Thursday, March 15, 2007

College Parked

If we called the G’s mom right now and told her that X were in the hospital, would she leave her HDTV and Maryland vs. Davidson game to come see if they were okay?

If X were:

Brown dog - no
Son–in-law - no
Pope - no, even if summoned directly
Darryl Strawberry – yes, but only so she could deliver a inspirational message to his son
Daughter – toss up
Husband - yes
Son (in Richmond) – definitely no
Lonny Baxter - no
Len Bias’s reanimated corpse – no, as he is no longer college eligible

1 comment:

the g said...

someone w/ the moniker la bella mafia took the rest of the week off to watch basketball. moms and her are planning riots, involving fire, if this davidson business succeeds.