Thursday, March 01, 2007

i am way better at personal finances than i am at blogging

Laziest blogger ever? Schmaybe.

* * *

The G: we still have to do our taxes. i cry every year when we do our taxes

K: really?

The G: that's how much i love talking about money

K: but you own a house

The G: I DONT CARE. MONEY MAKES ME EMOTIONAL I dont understand it. I dont want to understand it

K: hahah...but you can get a lot back

The G: I dont like forms

K: i have to pay

The G: The government scares me. Every year I think we are missing something and the big bad IRS will FIND OUT and audit us because I'm sure they dont have anyone else to bother but us. and they'll take us for all we have... which is.... like. the dog? and they can have the dog... he's worth negative-$150 dollars.If i could, I'd live a cash-lifestyle only and store all my money in the freezer. or an envelope under my mattress

K: hey conspiracy theorist

The G: totally. also, you are also talking to a girl who kept 2 checking accts in college. that way i'd never have to balance either one, i'd just write checks from one til it got low and then swtich to the other, and by the time I needed to switch back again they would have "balanced themselves." So, a really responsible conspiracy theorist at that. Also also, I AM A FINANCIAL WIZARD.

K: i mean...who balances check books anymore when you can check your balance online?

The G: but back then you couldnt. i'd just have to wait it out for a few weeks/months and by then i figured everything had cleared and my ATM balance was right

K: hahaha

The G: i am my mothers pride and joy

K: i remember my roommate freshman year sitting around balancing her check book everytime her statement came. she would get PISSED when she was even off by a penny.

The G: God. ill never be like that ever.. here's my theory re: money: Do I have some? Yes? Oh, not a lot? Well, that's okay, I can still afford a 7 dollar teeshirt and gum at Target. THU END.

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Blogs t r e t c h said...

I am of the same mind. I'm not much of a crier in everyday situations, but if it involves money or a computer problem, I melt into a sobbing puddle almost immediately. And yet, am not terribly fiscally responsible either.