Friday, March 02, 2007

KC: "the new plan is to....dismember."

Dear major league assholes* everywhere and most especially ticketmaster** & who I was logged into on 2 different computers and ON HOLD ON THE PHONE WITH FOREVA too like a crazy multitasking office octopus:

I hate you, a LOT.


PS: and i'm seeing statehood tonight and i feel like bringing a sign or something that sez: I HATE YOU GUYS NO REALLY I LOVE YOU BUT I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU but not. But maybe.

* can be changed to Awesomest People in the Entire World upon receipt of ticket.

** Ticketmaster dude: "um, yeahhhh..... it took 11 minutes to sell out" The N: "dude, its 5:09 NOW."

But thanks for being nice to babies, everyone. Unless you are an ass like this genius who should go straight to hell.

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