Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PS - I have recently learned an amazing thing about Wonder Woman. More to come.

Granted, I did ask her to send me an IM reminder…

The G: Buy stamps.
The G: Don’t forget to buy stamps.
The G: Do you go near the post office when you go out for lunch?
The G: Are you going to have time to buy stamps?
The G: You could get stamps when you get coffee.
The G: Did you buy stamps today?
The G: Have you bought stamps yet?
The G: What time does the post office close?
The G: What’s the one thing you have to do today?
The G: Did you get stamps, btw?
The G: Do you need a ride home?
The G: Don’t forget to buy stamps.
The G: Could you bring the stamps home?
The G: Don’t forget: STAMPS.

I wish they had these when we sent out our wedding invitations. But the G gives them a rating of “Ooohh Bruuuuther!”

1 comment:

The Governess said...

no i don't. i like them.

and if i DIDN'T like them, I'd give them a rating of "OH GEEEEZ."