Sunday, March 11, 2007

only spartan women can wear that outfit.

More on 300: Charlton Heston meets Legend/Lord of the Rings/fantasy-something meets soft-core meets hott pre-teen video game violence meets Ru Paul meets WWF meets CGI meets strong-man competition meets comedy gold. Meets some seriously effing sexy incredible bods. And lots of 'em.

I actually laughed out loud at more than one scene. (Decapitation is hilarious at least twice, maybe more.)

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lisa said...

seriously, where did they find all those abs? i found those bods much less believable than all the hunchbacks and "immortal" freddy kreuger faces.

unfortunately, i was not able to laugh at all while watching the movie. i mostly squirmed uncomfortably during all the nip shots and hot spartan sex scenes as the 11 year old boy sitting right next to me tried desperately to move closer and closer to the screen.