Friday, March 09, 2007

Posters? They're gone too.

Here are my options

1. Check my watch, again for the third tine in twenty minutes. Shift weight uncomfortable from foot to foot, place empty Miller Lite bottle on the ground and slyly kick it away from me, look around balcony for someone I know. Why is this show on a Wednesday night? And this new Sky Blue Sky stuff? It sounds like the Best of AM Gold cassette - no different than the Steely Dan junk my dad listened to in his yellow hatchback when we drove to his softball games. And the song before sounded like Bread or, at best, America. I thought battling through a pain killer addiction and depression would make you a better artist. Are his migraines so bad that they can’t slide the organ levels past the funeral home setting? Man, all that Being There capital is officially bankrupt.

2. Not see Wilco ever again.

The $80 I just saved will be spent on Bubble Tape and a pair of new sunglasses.

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