Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i hate blogging i think

1. Things I could read today: a) more on Jean Baudrillard being dead or b) paris hilton's amazing knockers thanks to new Bra Technology.

I'm taking votes. cast now.

2. Personal For R. Avent: "MSN has my review of the new Arcade Fire up, though sadly they eliminated my favorite line, here in full: "'Keep the Car Running' aims to prove that the Hold Steady aren’t the only indie-rock band who can rip off Bruce Springsteen, by fashioning an inert Goth variant on John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band’s 'On the Dark Side.'”

3. The "Chixx with Pixx/We're in Ova Ah Heads/Etc." March Madness Bracketology has commenced. JOIN TODAY IF YR AN XX. I think Im changing my screen name to PokeyC.

4. Other: My printer at work is broken. It is 70 degrees out. My dad has apparently been spending his entire morning breaking up 10-year-old girl cat fights. The N won an HD radio from a radio contest. I received in the mail the most phenomenal wedding invite ever in the history of wedding invites, it involves pink rose cutouts and gold foil and thai or maybe cambodian (?) lettering and maybe, maybe advrtising and also this statement "Also joining us at banquet is live Philadelphia fun band!" I previously was not going to attend, I am now reconsidering.



ryan said...

Ah, nuts.

Anonymous said...

Check out my fun live Philadelphia band:

Philadelphia Wedding Bands