Friday, March 09, 2007

peach plum pear

stream of conscious roundup: last night a Galludet team almost kicked our asses, but we pulled out a win thanks to my terrible serving (natch) and my awesome netplay (which sounds dirty) (natch). it was the quietest and most difficult game of the season thus far. you know what's funny? made up words, like "frocktails". Also funny: google images. go to the DCist thing tonight, i will be there, drinking something delightful and looking at pretty photos and wondering whre my life-talent lies. tell you where it doesnt: serving the effing volleyball consistently. BD is recently scared of taking a poop. Its annoying when his own butt scares him at 11:00 at night when you are out walking around your neighborhood in yr husband's construction boots begging your dog to please take a shit OH MY GOD already so I can go inside and watch Futurama. I have a long winded gripe The Secret I should really think about posting. Remind me later. Yes, I did get Friday night tickets to the Plan. My brother emailed me today asking if I was off suicide watch yet. But I've been replaced by my mother, who after watching the game yesterday forwarded me an email that read only "yr high school could have beaten them last night. Miami is the new Clemson." ALSO, according to the morning news shows/HS relatedish, high school girls gets expelled for saying the word "vagina." how come nicole whatshername on my track team got away with yelling "coochie!" every afternoon as she rubbed her lycra-ed crotch, and probably much more studious folk get their asses kicked right out. bullshit yo.okay, great, happy friday.

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