Thursday, March 22, 2007

jets to brazil

For those of you who missed Writing Club last night, a quick recap. For the next exercise, you can apparently take your pick between two exercises:

1. Radiohead fan fic, starring Catherine.
2. Or, erotica.

* * *

If it hasn't been previously mentioned, my brother is a lucky SOB. He is the kind of guy who regularly finds money on the street, always wins raffle contests, gets coffee for being the 100th customer of the week, etc. In school, if he had a big test coming up he wasn't prepared for, it was a given that the fire alarm would sound, or a tornado would magically appear from the skies. He basically has the most kickass karma of anyone I'v ever met save my spouse, and it is fucking obnoxious. Lifelong lottery winner. He's in the paper for something or another once a year: saving kittens from trees, walking down the street with a smile on his face, whatever: the camera loves him. Recently with the whole VCU-bball-thing, Superfan was interviewed by the evening news, captured on film for the local paper, and somehow, said same pic ended up on a v. famous sports website. Par for the course. My entire family has taken this opportunity to flood my inbox full of messages like "someday your 15 minutes will come- don't be jealous", "don't worry about being a local celebrity," and my favorite: "someday your real family will come for you and take you home and then you will be wealthy!"

You know what never stops being funny? Adoption jokes. From your parents. That they started making before you could walk.

* * *

My friend Eric is currently IM'ing from Rio all about how how he got held up in the bathroom at a soccer game last night by four rather wiry dudes with knives.

Completely unrelated to getting mugged by Brazilians: if you have been to the Cotswolds within the past few years, or done a similar backpacking/etc trip in the UK in recent times, please to email yrs truly.

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outtamindouttasite said...

ryan as thom yorke: blood for oil, blood for oil, the earth is hurting.

catherine: *swoon*