Monday, March 19, 2007

"I've been yelling, "Win, Butler!" so loud and so often that my neighbors probably think I'm getting boned by the lead singer of the Arcade Fire."

It was a rough weekend- Saturday saw the fall of both MD and VCU, sending family members into a cataclysmic spiral of depression, AND we did our taxes. Which frankly sucked my will to live, I think the Pyggy's are getting back nothing more than 65 cents in all nickels this year.

All these problems seemed to fade rather quickly in the face of my drinking problem, I took care of it Sunday AM with 12 bloody marys, some champagne, and a headache to be named later.

At least I beat everyone bowling Friday night. And even more bright-side news, i am still whooping serious bracket ass and taking names. Keep your fingers crossed. Ohio State nearly had me in tears, I'm convinced the only reason they pulled that victory off is because I was standing up in an office chair, throwing things at the television & shrieking like a banshee as the dog howled. Standing up on wheeled-furniture? Ill-advised, but also v. good luck for those of you who picked asshole teams who don't deserve to win the whole thing because they can barely beat a 9 seed to go all the way anyways.

I just re-read that sentence. I'm sorry, universe.

Addendeum all this terribly boring and uninformative and poorly-written blog spew, the best line of the Internet award re: hoops has already been handed out. The rest of you can give up now. Well thunk, D'ver, well thunk indeed.

* * *

I go to Vegas kindof shortly and therefore will take a break from blogging for a week, which I think is for the best, given recent attempts.

Except for when I'm at Quarks everyday for lunch. In which case I'll probably live-blog.*

* stream of conscious nerding: this reminds me, I started The Watchmen last night, finally.

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