Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the messengers

Man, is there anything funnier than "out of office" messages on email? They can just be so... unexpected... sometimes. I'll be intertwined in v. important e-conversations about Edward 40-hands or weekend plans or gossiping about dumb bitches I hate or who owes what for that brick of cocaine we all agreed to split (kidding) and then whammo, someone leaves their computer and it's last train to PROFESSIONALISM CITY. This is exactly why, unlike many of my friends and family, my work email is strictly off-limits.

My brother has the best out of office message ever; I've just discovered: "Hello, This is Brother Last Name!"

Really? A hello and a formal introduction, followed by an exclamation point? I don't know why I'm finding this so funny, but I am cracking up. Possibly because the rest of the message also involved the word "medical."

okay, i'm done.

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