Friday, October 27, 2006

the frankenstein drag queens


- Long tail and Hollywood.

- From ILB: "Stranger than Fiction" Soundtrack/Spoon.

- The worst political websites

- My childhood chum KAS has a personal journal that I dont link to, but is usually chock full of interesting stuff. I had never seen this before, probably because I am not a nursing student dedicated to helping Romanian orphans. Still v. v. cool.

- Results on a Corker google

- Yay, Friday, I love you. My Halloween plans are sooo not scary. It's a shame, really, this being my favorite holiday and all. I commiserate with you. General lack of spookiness and unfinished costumes and no party plans and all that wackiness aside, I do have about 9 concerts I'd like to see on Saturday night (although the Wrens have won out, I believe), and I might go get a drink or 3 tonight, and maybe even finish up my costume, even though as of yet I have no real place to wear it. My most obnoxious college guy friend (think fatty frat boy with a dirty mouth and probably dirtier genitals, ugh, but he knows and accepts this about himself and maybe that is why I still love him? Dunno) is in town this weekend too, so if you see me out to breakfast or something with a dude who makes NO SENSE, say hi first. I'll probably be gawking too much to really speak. Seriously, how do I even know these people. Also, I might carve our pumpkin, which is already half-eaten by the damn squirrels anyways. I'm leaning towards a Fox logo. Anyways, enough about all this. Happy H'ween!

* * *

Years long past, I'd sit around with friends in dark corners at Finnegan's Cove (note: nearest body of water: 8 billion miles east) or in dorm rooms, drinking cheap beer and eating leftover stale pretzels someone's mom sent in a midterms-are-hell care package, playing round after round of "Celebrity." Eventually those games would turn to lazy drunk conversations, the types only held at 3 AM (crush confessions, "what would your superpower be?", deconstructing the "Mike C. Car-Sex Metaphor", "if your life were a Jeopardy Game, waht would your 7 categories be?", etc.)

Inevitably a group favorite would emerge: how would you like to die?

My go-to answer was always the same, something I had swiped from Shampoo Planet years ago because I initially found it funny. I kept it in play for years after that, because by then I found it kind of true- "Naked in a fiery car crash with German Industrial turned up to 11."

I think I've grown out of that response. It's just not funny anymore.

Spontaneous combustion, however? Still hilarious.


OneEar said...

How about by de-boning?

Few things are funnier than de-boning.

Drew said...

I'm leaning towards a Rasheed Wallace pumpkin:
Rip Hamilton is looking kind of fierce though....

the Nabob said...

When I first read Drew's link I thought it said "pumpkintesticles" which would have been awesome.

Drew said...

I was about to say "Hey, you're about to become the only Google search result for 'pumpkintesticles'!" but it turns out that isn't true, there is one guy out there in Internetland that has already used this glorious term. I think I'll be wandering around calling everyone Pumpkintesticles this weekend. How's it going, Pumpkintesticles? How's your brother, what's his name, Pumpkinhead?