Tuesday, October 10, 2006

monkey pee monkey doo

Yes, okay. I see the humor in Ray Suzuki's Jet review in Pitchfork, but let me tell you something: you have not experienced a gut buster album review until you pick up the Summer 05 HIOQI. The reviews in that pub are stupendous; I can read and re-read them until my eyes go blurry because it is like only the finest in hipster lit/biographical novel (a genre that if not invented by now, certainly should be, btw.)

* * *

SICK BEES - "before the dawn"

So, the other day, my friend Chris called me up and told me that when he was six his grandma spanked the bejesus out of him because she caught him in the backyard taking poops with his dog. True story.
-- John Parson Plank.

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