Monday, October 30, 2006


So, almost two hours in line, 1 entire pizza later, and just ten minutes til Beck tickets were available @ BC (ONE PER PERSON/CASH ONLY) - we left the line and came home. We were like, 45th or so. Totally would have gotten in. K. is a trooper to the nth degree, last I saw her she was sticking it out with her roommates. Field report tomorrow at 9:00.

Word was it would be held in the back room ("intimate!"). However - once you were in, you were in for the night. No re-entry. Lots of people in loosened ties and uncomfy work shoes that weren't getting home to change, and certainly weren't going to be able to use their Decemberists tix should they get a shot at Beck. Therefore, lots of bailers.

I considered spending another few $$ on Apples in Stereo tix, since we were there already. The line, although somewhat disorganized, wasn't unruly. Like I said, the N left and got a pizza and no one died of an emo attack.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, we left. I came home and carved our half-devoured pumpkin, the N. wrestled with the dog and we watched some Scrubs reruns and went to bed. No, I dont know what's happened to me either. Off to discover whether I have jury duty tomorrow. Yawn. At least the weather was nice tonight. Also, a bus full of teen girls in the craziest 2004 electroclash outfits pulled up at one point, and that was a pretty awesome parade to witness.

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