Wednesday, October 25, 2006


things that are a happenin:

- the Wrens

- Finish H'ween costume. Which might be so stylistically innovative that I continue to don it well into the months of November and December. Either that, or it will be constructed of sale items from Wet Seal. MABES BOTH.

- Halloween brunch, only the finest tradition.

- feed houseful of dogs

- I love this concept. FOR AMERICA! But no one else! Also, there are so many trademark and registered and quotes and parantheses on this page, my eyes kind of bleed.

- - -

Cometbus: Ever look out and see, like, your 4th grade math teacher? Just these horrible people from your past?

Zak Sally (drummer for Low): Yeah, that happened all the time. Sometimes it was okay, but sometimes it was like "Why do I do this job where everybody knows where to find me?"

I've come around to the proposal that everyone in the universe should be assigned their own PR rep at birth. It's really the only way we can get through this world unscathed, people- someone around at all times to spin spin spin yr foibles.

""I moved to [redacted] 3 years ago after my husband left us. I have three boys- [redacted]- age 8, [redacted]- age 6, and [redacted]- age 2. I am working on my second divorce. I am currently staying home to be with my boys, but I’m looking forward to getting back into today’s workforce."

There are so many other ways to approach a reunion bio. This is a person in need of a PR rep.

Oh man. Who thought reunions were a good idea? They almost never, never are. I'm reaching the conclusion, too late, that I might not want to be found.

* (taken from another blog. borowed. stolen. blogborrowed. blogorrowed?)


Anonymous said...

In the event that you haven't yet made the purchase, I have a whole slew o' Wrens tickets (well, 4) which, due to competing activities that evening, I won't be able to use...yours gratis if you want them.

The Governess said...

oooooh, i will be in touch! I may take a few off yr hands.