Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Catherine's bro loves Oxford Collapse, so I did some listening.

Sean Ford references 1,875 bands in this review (I counted), but he could have just said "Oxford Collapse sounds like Built to Spill."

Am I wrong?

* * *

In other news, the homestead is in total shambles. I had planned on attending tonight's FW Thomas performance, but this week is just kind of crap for a multitude of reasons. Number one on that list- spouse participates in a soccer league that believes none of it's players have lives to live beyond the field. Three games in one week is simply retarded.

So, I'll go, but only if someone is willing to give up their seat and come do my laundry. I hate clothes.


the Nabob said...

I don't really see how MY soccer games interfere with YOUR ability to clean the house.

The Governess said...

equal opportunity mess, dude.