Friday, October 06, 2006

it takes a needle point and smile/IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE

"it's like this Reed guy just accidentally emailed me unflattering photos of his genitals."

It's really almost adorable, actually. I look forward to seeing all these fluffy lil chicklets soon, a little tanner/Disulfiram acne-d, gracing the pages of Capitol File. (Although I must warn you, LNS members who apparently "get their feelings hurt easily, [WTF]" - w/r/t that particular publication I hold so near and dear to my heart? Your names are sure to be spelled incorrectly. That might not be an issue for you anyways. Carry on, Ms. Jns; Ms. Brso! *)

There's still time, right? For the youth of this great land to save themselves? No? I am so quitting the internet and moving to Canada the moon.

* PS: google-protecting yourself, I assume. Well thunked! Say, here's an idea. You may want to re-examine the photos of yourself. In beer wench costumes. For a "drinking club" website. Not to mother-hen you pretties all to do death or anything. Just think on it. Esp. as "veteran Hill staffers, having worked for three different Senators and currently working on the New Jersey gubernatorial campaign." You can't be too careful nowadays, you know. Even a seasoned, wrinkly, Rose Nylund-esque 25-year old such as yourself isn't immune, no matter how long you've been a part of this crazy political sphere.

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