Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sorry for that initial bad mood.

1. Tickets to Okkervil on Monday at the Ottobar? I have.

2. Tickets to Hold Steady in Nov @ Black Cat, thanks to Catherine, who urgently IM'd me IN ALL CAPS to remind me to get off my ass for the presale? I have.

3. Racing in Running Shuffling Walking a 5k Saturday morning? Um, sure. It might take me 2 hours, but whatever. I am the most out of shape I have ever been in my life, with the exception of the most completely badass game of volleyball I have ever played EVER last Thursday, which I was so proud of I decided not to blog about it until now because I am superstitious, although now we all know since I've mentioned it I am sure to suck balls in tonight's game.

4. D's Mets vs. teh Cardinals, rained out & resced for tonight. Admitted: I have not been following the Cards really this season. I was a little baseballed out, you see. But this matchup pleases me greatly, as it allows me to send mean emails to D. until the Cards begin to suck. I think the game starts at 8:15 or so, so not to be a total pessimist, but maybe I'll eat my words by 8:24? Any team I tend to cheer for is automatically stinkola. I'm a lucky charm like that. *

5. Parties, this weekend! Yay!

6. New England, next weekend! Yay!

7. Hulk and Rick James, always! Yay!

8. FUTURAMA, dvd movies. Yay!

* UPDATE: She comes out with an early trashtalk lead, ladies and gentlemen. That's my girl.


La Bella Mafia said...

Have you met my boyfriend? He is much cuter than Chris Carpenter.

The Governess said...

Can we talk about you linking the myspace page of Mr. Baseball Crazy-Head, and that makes me love you more?

Even though the dancing Elmo banner at the stop gave me epilepsy and now I might be dying?

Tekk said...

coming from St. Louis Meself. I `can see how one might become infected...
The first word of this comment being the operative. Long live the Cards!!!
Down with STDs except Life. As in my Blog [Life The Original S.T.D.]
Mind if i link to your artical?