Monday, October 16, 2006

blah blah blizzah

3 months + 2 weeks after being hit by a giant dude in a van, I am finally getting my obnoxiously damaged car fixed. All it took was one bitchy letter to the state of Maryland that had a lawsuit-ish aftertaste.

I suppose this means I have to start locking my doors again and hope no one feels like stealing it, instead of willing it to actually happen.


Totally once went on a date with a guy named Tim who I met in this parking lot. Dude, 16 year olds can be TRASHY. What was I doing picking up rival high school guys in a parking lot? Yikes.

Related - a welcome flashback crtsy. this same article? Sal Roberts! Oh man, Sal was kind of great. I can't believe she's still livin large in the SP. She wouldn't let you ride in her car after track practice unless you wore a seatbelt. Why I remember that specifically, I have no idea.


PS, if I went to high school with you, please buy a reunion ticket. It will be uncomfortable for us all. yay.

PPS, i am going to Okkervil tonight @ Ottobar. Are you? You should have considered it.

PPPS: Doppelgangers!

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